Does swimming slim hips?

Yes, swimming can make you loose hip fat.

Let's make it simple for the ladies reading this article, so here it goes!

  • Yes, swimming will make you loose hip fat and make your hips slimmer
  • No, this will not make you look like a man
  • Swimming is a great way to become fitter and look better in general

Now go swimming! Not enough? Let's look at this from multiple perspectives then!

Can swimming reduce hip size?

Swimming is a great way to loose all sorts of fat because you get to be active for long periods of time, this means if you need to loose hip fat - swimming will help you.

However swimming, will not do anything to your bone structure so your inherited body shape will stay the same. Many ladies are concerned about "looking like a guy" or getting "big shoulders from swimming". Is this a myth or reality?

Will swimming slim your hips and make your shoulders big?

While making your ass flat? Here I said it, we all know this is why you are here - there's a myth that swimmer guys look sexy, while swimmer ladies look like dudes. I want to stop here and split this myth into two parts so you can choose where you at on this...

  1. Swimmers who have been swimming since childhood and do it professionally
  2. Swimmers who don't do it professionally.

If you are here reading this article and you are in category 1 - you are a professional swimmer (retired or not)... Well your hips, shoulders and other body parts look like they look. You probably have a tough muscular body type and swim results to show for it.

Now if you are a swimmer that doesn't swim professionally or someone that simply consider to take up swimming as a way to get fit... You are in luck! Forget big shoulders, flat butts and other myths that only apply if you are a professional that spent more than a decade in water.

Swimming as get fit and weight loss sport

Simply take up swimming or continue swimming with joy, this will keep you strong and fit. You will also loose body fat in all of the places. This is because swimming makes all your muscle groups work. It's one of the best sports with least injury risks involved. As long as you learn to swim properly and always improve your technique to be even better!

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