What does LCM mean in swimming?

LCM or Olympic Size swimming pool is the global competition pool standard that is 50 meters in length. LCM stands for Long Course Meters.

LCM is a type of swimming pool that is also called the Olympic pool and is 50 meters in length. It is the most popular swimming pool and in swimming slang sometimes is referred to as "long water" or simply - long swimming pool. All most important world swimming events are usually happening LCM type pool.

LCM Swimming Definition:

LCM or Long Course Swimming Pool is a standard 25 meter pool. It is also called the Olympic Swimming Pool as most important swimming competitions usually happen in a 50 meter swimming pool.

What is SCM and SCY in swimming?

There are 2 types of shorter swimming pools that are also being used as swimming standard pools around the world. Those shorter pools are:

  1. SCM (Short Course Meters) Swimming Pool (25 meters in length)
  2. SCY (Short Course Yards) Swimming Pool (25 yard pool that is 22,86 meters in length)

Short course Yard Pool is only being used in USA as is not generally accepted in most countries around the world.

25 meter swimming pool (SCM) is actually accepted as another global standard and many international competitions happen in this type of pool. There are even Short Course World Swimming Championships and other types of PRO swimming competitions happening in a SCM type of pool.

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