What is a tumble turn in swimming?

Tumble turn or flip turn is a type of underwater turn used when swimming freestyle or backstroke.

Tumble turn or simply, flip turn is a special swimming turn that allows swimmers to maximize their speed when swimming 50-100 meter distances or longer. Beginners would probably call this turn: somersault turn, due to how similar it looks to a dryland somersault.

Tumble turn is a swimming turn technique that involves you to do a "somersault" flip before reaching the swimming pool wall with your legs, then push off into a streamline position.

Can Tumble Turn can be used on all swim strokes?

No. Tumble turn can be used only for freestyle, backstroke and parts of IM swimming events.

Breaststroke and butterfly swim strokes are not compatible with tumble turn. Instead, breastroke and butterfly uses Open Turn technique.

What are two main types of swimming turns?

There are two main swimming turns:

  1. Tumble Turn (or Flip Turn).
  2. Open Turn (or Touch Turn).

In competitive swimming, tumble turn is only used when swimming backstroke and freestyle. Open turn is used when swimming breastroke and butterfly.

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