Who invented the swimming technique now known as the freestyle?

Australians. Australian Alick Wickham created the modern front crawl swimming technique also know as freestyle.

Freestyle swimming technique has been invented by: Australians.

In most cases, Solomon Islander swimmer, Australian Alick Wickham is accredited for creating the modern front crawl swimming technique also know as freestyle. Wickham is recognized in the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Freestyle in swimming competitions give more freedom when choosing your swimming technique, which is why most swimmers choose what is known as front crawl (also called forward crawl, Australian crawl or American crawl).

Freestyle is then only swimming technique not regulated by FINA (unlike other competitive strokes like breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly stroke).

Freestyle front crawl swimming technique is a face-down swimming position with alternating arm strokes and leg kick movements.

How did freestyle got it's name?

Formerly know as front crawl, this swimming style is also called the Freestyle. In more technical sense - freestyle is the fastest and most efficient of all swimming strokes, though - freestyle is a style of swimming that allows to choose any swimming stroke.

What we are used to see in the Olympics or World Swimming Championships during Freestyle heats is just the most popular, fast and efficient way to swim.

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