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Wanna learn more about children swimming? If you are a parent that wants to bring your kids to swimming lessons or they are already going to them - all kids related swimming articles can be found below! Doesn't matter if you wanna learn more about competitive swimming or simply how to keep your children healthy - everything is in our swim blog!

Children Swimming Blog

Have a swimmer child? Want to help them improve as a swimmer kid that will one day reach the highest swimming competitions? Looking for children swimming support for both you and your child?

We are a swimming blog that aims to reach a single goal - be the best swimming source of information online.

Our swimming blog for kids covers all the most important topics for any swimmer, doesn't matter what age or level he or she might be in.

Kids Swimming Tips

Swimming is one of the hardest sports for children, but it has multiple benefits that many other sports don't have. Children who swim all throughout their childhood have very low chances in having any injury that might affect their future health.

Furthermore, many children need swimming as their sport of choice for various medical conditions that are easy to correct with swimming.

Swimburst.com swimming blog is a one stop informational place for all things swimming. At Swimburst we cover topics like:

  • Swimming Gear advice for Kids
  • Mental tips for swimmer children
  • Best kids swim training practices
  • Children swimming competition related topics

Swimming Articles for Young Swimmers

We aim to categorize all swimming related topics to make it easy to find all the most relevant swimming information for young swimmers starting their career. We also classify articles for parents that have swimming children.

Any swim parent will tell you, there's a lot to being a supportive guardian for a young swimmer. Swimmers train super hard and have long practices ever since they were little, that's a lot of emotional and physical work for both children and their parents.

What Kids Need to Know About Swimming Lessons

Having a goal to reach Olympic Games swimming pool is great, but it all starts will first steps during first swim training sessions a child will ever go. Water is unnatural medium for most humans (except very young babies, they feel good in water). That's why learning how to swim at a young age is important. Doesn't matter what are your goals in swimming, it's almost never to early to start learning how to swim.

Most professional swimmers start swimming at roughly 5-7 years old. In rare cases their first swimming lesson can be as late as 10-12 years, but it's very unlikely that they started swimming earlier than that.

Why Read a Kids Swim Blog?

Because water safety, courage and struggling will be the biggest part of your child first years of swimming lessons, you as a parent are most suited to help them in their swimming journey if you know how this process usually looks.

Most professional athletes I know end up having very "parent-child-like" connection to their swim coach. Especially if their swim coach teach them how to swim and lead them all through their biggest swimming competitions when they are in their teens or even early thirties.

Think about it, to compete at highest swimming competitions swimmers usually have spent 10+ years in the swimming pool every day, usually they do more than one swim practice per day.

Will your kid be the next Michael Phelps?

Math tells us - most likely no. But it's only your child spirit and inner fire will determine how far he or she will go in their swimming career! Even if your kid doesn't win 8 gold medals in Olympics, children get a big gift from being a swimming professional, doesn't matter in what level they compete and when they quit.

Swim team and swimmer relationship.

Most professional swimmers I know, doesn't matter if you ask about how it was when they were 12 or 32 - most swimmers will tell you... They have many swimmer friends. In different cities. Different countries. Even continents.

Swimmers form very firm bonds with their peers both during practice and competition. Your brothers and sisters in your local pool become your best friends. You make strong lifetime friendships with those with whom you compete all the time in local, regional or global competitions.

How does children swimming career start?

I myself swam for 13+ years and took my first swimming lesson at 5. During that time I visited 20+ countries in 2 continents. I have many friends that I still keep in touch after so many years from all over the globe. My local swimming friends that is like family to me, we still see each other even though I moved out of my home country and we are separated by 5+ other countries.

Swim school changed my life, because swimming sport is not a competition against others, it's a competition against yourself. You and only you stand in your way to victory. You compete against yourself.