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Interested in Swimming only as a way of leisure sport? If you are not super serious about swimming, but still want to learn more about this magical water sport - this is the right place to be! All recreational and casual swimming advice can be found below...

Leisure Swimming Blog

Planning to learn how to swim? Learning how to swim as an adult or maintaining swimming habits as a form of exercise require some basic knowledge about swimming. That's where Swimburst recreational swimming blog comes in.

Most self thought swimmers do many different mistakes that makes their physical exercise less healthy, while they also might struggle with certain swimming elements that makes swimming efficiently harder.

If you want to learn more about biggest adult beginner swimming mistakes or simply focus on how to get the most benefits from leisure swimming, these articles are for you!

Swimming Tips for Recreational Swimmers

Recreational swimming doesn't mean just float and enjoy the water in the pool... Wait it can mean exactly that! But even if you have no actual sport goals in mind, be sure to familiarize yourself with some basic swimming rules.

We're talking swim pool etiquette, basic swimming tips and overall all things swimming that any recreational swimmer should know!